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I spilt sugar in my MacBook!

i was following a recipe and accidentally spilt it all over my laptop

i can hear the sugar all in the laptop and when i press on the bottom of the laptop from underneath i can hear sugar crushing

everytime i move my keyboard in a downwards direction, i can hear the sugar moving

my keyboard now does work so good, it doesn't make a load noise when clicked down like it used to.

will i have to repair this or is it something i can do?! if so how much do you think it would be around for repair! i'd rather not as i'm not financially able at this moment

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You'll need to take the system apart so you can wash out the sugar, are you up to it?

Don't use water or other off the self cleaner!

You want to use good grade of isopropyl alcohol (70% or better). The lower quality stuff has too much water which will melt the sugar Vs moving it out. With the keyboard/top cover removed from the rest of the system flush the keyboard out with the alcohol moving the keys and using can'ed air to blow out the alcohol. Once you fee the sugar is removed you'll need to let the keyboard/cover to dry before re-assembly.

If you have sugar within the rest of the system try to shake out as much as you can and using a soft brush & can'ed air blow out as much as you can. Using alcohol here maybe over kill and will require still more disassembly.

Good Luck!

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Thankyou! if I don't take all the sugar out or anything will it ruin my computer? So it's best to reallllllly clean it good or?


Yes! you want to get rid of it. Besides getting sticky with humidity gumming things up it also will attract bugs.


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You can try blowing it out with compressed air

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What I did was get a computer person to take my computer apart and clean it actually my brother did it he is an expert... but on the other hand some is still in there but not enough to cause any damage.

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