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Released in Late 1993, the Macintosh Quadra 610 and Macintosh Centris 610 are two closely related personal computers that are a part of Apple Computer's Quadra and Centris series of Macintosh computers, respectively.

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Why won't it recognize the Hard Drive?

My quadra won't recognize the HD and I tried to install system 7.5 on it and it can't find the HD, when I boot it up it shows ma folder with a question mark and after 5-7 minutes it turns on and off like this

bong....bong....bong....bongbongbongbongdadadadada then it shuts off, any ideas?

This is urgent

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You'll probably need a new hard drive for it. Especially if the install floppy cant find the HD.

Your best bet would be to scour eBay for a replacement.

Also, if you've ever done any sort of hardware repair on a computer, you shouldn't have any problems replacing it. Those old macs were meant to be serviced.

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You'll need a 1/3 height SCSI hard drive. This is just a standard size drive.

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