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Why is my microphone still not working after dock replacement?

The last three weeks I've replaced mulitple parts in my phone. The mic was spotty at best during calls when I first started. Last week - after replacing the jack-connector the mic stopped working during calls completely.

I read different posts relating to this and came to the conclusion that I needed to replace the dock-connector. I got the parts today and started the process but after turning it back on the mic is still not working during calls. Everything else works perfectly, I can record sound, Shazaam does its normal magic but still nothing when I call someone up.

Is there any way this can be related to something different on the phone, or does anyone know of a solution to trick the iPhone into using the "mic-function" it uses for everything else? (I'm just waiting for a reason to start a jailbreak process so if this is it then that's perfect.)

Thanks in advance

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I have 3 solutions

this works on Iphone 4

i have tested all 3 of them, and have had success with all 3 solutions..

The Problem:

Iphone 4 lower microphone stops working.

recording video and memos works fine, but people cant hear me during calls.

just to clear things up for everyone...

when using video recording, memos or anthing else that can record your voice, the iphone is using the TOP MICROPHONE.

when calling/getting calls the iphone will be using the LOWER MICROPHONE.

When you put it on "Speaker" then the phone will use both.

Solution 1:

Change the Dock Connector

if that wont work... then....

Solution 2:

Click on this link, and follow the instructions, on how to fix the Compiler Chip.

iPhone audio problem: fixing an audio compiler chip fault

sounds and looks wierd...., but yes it works....

done it with multiple phones so far...

if solution 1 does not fix the problem, then solution 2 should help allot.....

should the problem still persist, then you might have a problem with your Home button.

See Solution 3 for more info

Solution 3:

Change the Home button.

this last solution was the problem solver for me... i had 7 dock connecters, new and from other broken phones i tested with.

in the end, the home button just gave up when i was swapping around, then i just replaced it, and Voila.... my microphone was working again, and my home button was working too :D

i cant really explain what really happend, but its my 4th iphone i have had these problems with, and all has been repaired with these 3 simple solutions...

i really hope it can help alot of people in here, with issues with iphone 4 microphones not working

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Another solution - The little grill thats between the body and mic can sometimes become blocked, i just came across one now that was blocked with some sort of oil, no sound would get through. After replacing that grill it worked perfectly.


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It sounds like there may be something wrong the microphone on the Power Sensor Cable, found at this link, rather than an issue with the Mic on the dock connector.

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I tried all 3 solutions, but mic still now working.

Got any other ideas?

The repair was on a 4s.


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thanks bro...your solution no 2 was !@#$ awesome !


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Mike the microphone on the power flex is for recording sound on videos and FaceTime bottom mic is for phone calls..

I have tryed solution 2 many a time and works but unsure how long it will last a reflow of that chip would fix it but is risky

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Solution 2 rocks!!! Thanks a lot!!! You made my day.

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