How to bypass the temp sensor cable for single drive SSD install?

So I do what I can to help around here and I have become stumped. >.<

I am looking to upgrade a customers late 2009 iMac with a SSD.

That being said the silly little "I make all my fans go nuts" cable has nowhere to connect to the SSD. This angers me greatly.

I am looking for the "procedure" to get around this. I looked for awhile and all I can find are optical bay replacements for dual drive setup. I don't want to do that, the customer likes his optical drive.

If I recall correctly there is a way to use a jumper to disable the sensor?

Also I would like to stick to hardware fixes, as a software fan controller would work, its not as effective as a customer could configure it wrong or mess with its settings.

Any help would be highly appreciative. I know there is someone out there who duct taped a thermometer to their ssd or something. Just give me some ideas!



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