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How can I get my music back?

My computer was stolen in February, and I lost my iTunes library. Now my iPod says I have no music files. A lot of my music was from

cd, and it all meant very much to me. What can I do?

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while installing iTunes you checked the box "automatic sync with Itunes"? If yes iTunes deleted als your music from your iPod because the music libary was empty. There is a chance to use an undelete tool, to get the deleted files back. If not, the part of your music, you bought from iTunes, can be "restored". Contact iTunes and tell them your story that your computer was stolen..... As iTunes knows who bought what, maybe they can help you, to get that part of your music back. The CDs imported to iTunes are lost, you have to import them again.

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Re-rip your CDs into iTunes. Then you can re-sync to the iPod.

(In the "being proper and legal" department, if you don't own the CD anymore, you can't keep the music anyway.) :(

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