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Why is my new battery's health dropping so quickly!?

I installed this battery on 2/27 and by 3/1, after only 5 cycles its health had already dropped to 96% from 100% which was showing upon installation. Im at 7 cycles now and its still at 96%, but I am concerned having just bought/installed it.

Battery Health Monitor, coconutBattery and iStat Pro all show it having 96% capacity.

Im a self employed designer and this laptop is my only machine and active a lot. Its mostly plugged in during the day while at my desk, but at night while away from the desk I've intentionally let it fully drain several times now.

I have read your article "Zen and the Art of Battery Life" so it seems Im going about its usage correctly.

So I guess my questions are:

1. Wear this fast can't be normal, right?

2. At what point does the warranty cover a replacement?

3. And if it ever is replaced will the replacement be covered for 6 months from that time as well?

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There is a "known issue" that often the Apple software to report battery condition and charge tends to"fixate" on 96% as the maximum charge... therefore it's good that you are using several different apps, but it appears you are obsessing about your battery state.

Each time you complete a charge cycle, it diminishes battery capacity slightly, but you can put notebook battery through many charge cycles before they will only hold 80% of original battery capacity. Using the battery until it is mostly discharged is wise... but completely discharging the battery is not, unless your Macbook is the one with a removable battery.

So to recap it's not good procedure to never take your laptop off mains power, nor is it good to completely drain your battery, except as a means to rectify having it on mains power for days on end.

OEM batteries are warrantied for a year against defects, and with AppleCare can be extended to three years from the date of your notebook purchase with the AppleCare Protection Plan. However, the AppleCare Protection Plan for notebook computers does not cover batteries that have stopped working or are exhibiting diminished capacity except when it is the result of a manufacturing defect.

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Im not obsessing over it, just want to get the most out of the new battery I paid $150 for, especially if Im practicing Ideal usage. Also want to know if it keeps loosing health when i'll be covered for a replacement. Seems reasonable to me...

I've only let it drain to the point of powering off once. And I was following the directions on this site that said "make sure the battery knows how much capacity it has, every once in a while you should completely discharge then fully recharge it".

So as mentioned, when installed it was showing 100% health, but after just 5 cycles its down to 96%. Now if thats an Apple glitch its one thing, but the programs Im using to monitor it show that there are 516 mAh that are dead already.

And my apple care is over which is why I bought a new battery here. So I was asking about the 6 month warranty on the product I bought from iFixit...

Any iFixit staff out there who can help me out with some answers?


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How is your battery. Did health keep draining? Or did you get a new one. Mine is doing the same thing. 3 cycles and health is 95%. How did you fix the problem thanks

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Having similar case with my old mbp 2016 battery kaput some otwo-weeks ago. Replace it with “SIMPLO” OEM battery.

Within less than a month, the health reduced to 96% with only 7 cycles.

Upon replaced, I tested unplugged until it drains to 90%. Charge it to 100%. Let it plugged for a night. The next day I drained off and recharge it to 100%. Then my normal usage, which is.. usually plugged in during work on desk about 6-7 hours. Some mobility with battery left to 90%-80%.

Also is this normal?

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similar problem with MacBook Pro 15 mid2014. bought from eBay and battery cycle count was only 4 and 9000mAh, now has 40cycle and dropped 800mAh after one month ideal usage. anyone knows what is causing this health drop? run diagnostic everything seems okay, Mac works absolutely fine with no issues, no errors was found but i’m losing battery health every week can’t understand what’s going on.

just discovered that my Mac has battery with model A1494, when MacBook is A1398. can this model difference be reason for health drop?

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Macbook model and battery model are two different numbers


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