How can you put a socket that's come undone back in?

Installing iBook G4 14" 933 MHz-1.33 GHz Hard Drive Replacement

I'm afraid I made a mess of step 32 in spite of all necessary precautions. Glue or soldering?

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Four ways to go here. 1. If you are very competent with a soldering iron with the right equipment you can replace the socket (if you can find one) 2. You can send it to a professional for rebuild (costly) 3. You can obtain a replacement logic board and install it 4. The least convenient would be to ignore it and use an external speaker. As machead states for option 1 you need a light touch as it would be very easy to destroy the logic board. Good luck whichever way you choose. Ralph

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Not glue

- solder and it ain't easy. You need a very light touch- best to desolder the remaining pins and put in a new connector.

Good Luck,


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There are no remaining pins that I can see on the board. The socket I'm talking about is the one of the multicoloured speaker cable.


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Many thanks, Ralph, for going to the trouble of answering me. P.

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We may have hit the same problem. On step 32, we pulled the socket for the blue and white wires off of the mother board. My question is, is it necessary for these wires (blue and white) to be repaiderd for the computer to run? What "power" are they associated with, the speakers, or the power button on the computer face?

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