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Is Fusion Drive possible on 13 inch Mid 2012 MacBook Pro?

Just wondering whether or not it is possible to upgrade to a Fusion Drive on the 2012 13"macbook pro. ie. taking out the optical drive and replacing it with an SSD and pairing it with the HDD.

Does anyone know if Apple might be planning on pushing this change out there in the near future?

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An Apple Fusion drive requires Mountain Lion and a system who's firmware supports it. Apple does not offer a Fusion drive currently on this system and creating a similar setup with you own HD/SSD is not possible either (firmware won't let it work).

With that said, you still can make a dual drive config HD & SSD. But, you'll need to manage the discreet files on the SSD manually.

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It's possible. And by saying possible it is no where near easy. You have to dive into Terminal and start tweaking OS X code. Which can be very dangerous. You can search the web for DIY Fusion Drives and many of the articles explain a lengthy process to get it to work. Here is just one.

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