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Magnavox TV-VCR combo has no picture but sound is fine

This is a very old, small TV with built-in VCR. Can't find any answers for a really old TV like this one. Probably should just throw it out. But more than anything I want to be sure there really is a problem. It is connected to ATT's U-Verse service, and sometimes that gets in the way of diagnosing problems. But usually the whole thing goes out, not just the picture while the sound is fine. So, should I just give up on it, or does it seem salvageable?

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Hazel, if it would be really really old it would not have a VCR, the picture tube would be round and the picture would be black and white :)) Never give up...take a look at the back of it, see if you can get a serial or model number. This might help to identify the problem


Well, compared to LCD TVs that everyone with similar problems is talking about, it is old. April 1995 is the date on the back of the TV. Model # is CCR095AT04. Serial # is 40970059. Magnavox. It is not round, and it is color :>)


Hazel, when you say "But usually the whole thing goes out, not just the picture while the sound is fine." you mean it totally turn off? Have you tried to disconnect it from ATT's U-Verse service and just use the VCR? Same issues?


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To answer your first question, I just meant that when it's a U-Verse problem usually it all fails, not just the picture. But your suggestion to try the VCR was genius. I pulled out the plugs to the U-Verse box, put in a tape, and lo and behold, it worked! But wait, there's more. When I plugged the connectors back in, the picture came back on then, too. And now it's fine. What do you suppose happened?

At any rate, thank you so much for fixing it. Why didn't I think of that?

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Hazel, great job fixing it :-) sounds like there are some signal input issues unrelated to your TV :-) and by unplugging it you possibly reset (discharged) the circuit and allowed a fresh start. Glad it's working :-) all the best to you.


I may have put my new question in the wrong space because I think it may be appearing as an answer rather than a question.


I wonder if I can revisit this conversation. The same thing happened with this TV/VCR combo. Video went out. I unplugged the U-Verse cables and tried a tape, which worked. So apparently it is not the tube or whatever is responsible for the video part. The audio is fine. But this time, when I plugged U-Verse back in, there still is no picture. We never got that far last time because the video came back after the test, so I don't know what to do now. Do you?


"I wonder if I can revisit this conversation. " sure you can. It's your conversation. Okay so now you unplug the U-verse and the VCR still continues to work. then you plug your U-verse back in and nothing? Have you tried other inputs?


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