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Model M7572 / 400 or 500 MHz G3 processor

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Pismo boot and lockup problems

Basic pismo, 500mhz 768 ram..had it forever. runs about 8 hrs a day, shut off at nite.

Last week suddenly shuts down dead. Finally reboots, chimes and makes 4 "hisses" from speaker. Works okay for a day or so, or boots up and freezes..random which one happens. Seems to be better after a PMU reset ( less freezing) PRAM battery in or out makes no difference, date is okay, batt reads 4.5v.

Reseated processor, RAM , Airport card.

Thoughts? I am guessing the 4 "hisses" are telling me there is a boot ROM problem? Who wants to be replaced?


Dave k

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You don't say much about the age of your HD... if it's original I'd think thats your problem. Boot from your CD and see if you have the same issue. While doing that run AHT and see if it points out anything.

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