I dont know how to explain this

Is there any way to send a picture or video to someone to help me figure out what it is that's happening to my TV? It is hard to explain so would be easier to send a video of what it does, please help I am clueless :(


Here is a picture of the label of my TV that I can not identify.

Block Image

The second image shows what it does when it turns on. It just started doing it all of a sudden. If i switch it off and on at the plug socket it will go back to normal, sometimes it takes 3 or 4 try's for it to work.

Block Image

Thanks :)

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If you are for real and truly need some help, you can send it to my email at dummkopf03@yahoo.com


I have emailed you a video and image of what my tv does :) thanks


Okay, got your Video and image. Any way you can take a picture of the back to may be try and identify the TV. anything will work at this time? Are you pretty handy repairing this, if a solution is found?


Yes i will forward a picture of the back asap, any other way i can find out to save time? Yes i should be able to fix it if there is a solution, but dont know whats wrong or where it has gone wrong, thanks for this man :)


It could be the deflection board as well as a bad LVDS cable as well as bad caps on the board. unless we know what TV we are dealing with, its all just academics.


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