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1.86GHz or 2.13GHz Processor, 128GB or 256GB Flash Storage

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MacBook Air 13" won't boot up


I press the power button, the boot sounds, white screen with apple logo shows up, process bar moves and the "wait" symbol turns around. However, when the process bar moves to about 15%, it disappear. And then computer turns down. It won't boot to OS. I press the power button and the Mac goes the same loop.


MacBook Air 13"

Model: A1369

CPU: Core 2 Duo 1.86 GHz

Flash: 128 GB

What I have tired:

1. I tired SMC for few times, but it did not work out.

2. ⌘-⌥-P-R to reset, but it did not work out.

Can anyone help me to find the root cause of this issue? What else I can do to fix it? thank you!

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Sounds like a corrupted system folder or an incomplete update in progress and looping. Try starting up from your original system installation disk and running Disk Utilities on it to repair the system.

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Thank you for the answer, Mayer! I do not have the "original system installation disk". In this case, can I download it from somewhere and make one USB drive by myself? Thanks~


Sounds great, would like to know what they did & charged??


They reloaded the OS to the factory settings. All my documents and photos are lost. It is okay because I use cloud storage. The charge is FREE :) because it is a "software repair". My unit is out of warranty.


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Are you able to safe boot your system? If it does you can run disk utility to check your disk permissions. However, in case it is beyond disk utility repair then try to boot it with the installation disk that came with the Mac.

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I tired starting up in Safe Mode, following, but it did not work. Do you know how to make the installation disk in case I have lost the original one? thanks!


Well, I am not sure if you can make it but can purchase replacements from AppleCare.


I visited the local apple store and they help me re-install the OS to the update to date version. The MacBook air is back to live!


lost all data or some part of it? Anyways a re-install is always hectic.


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If nothing happens when you push the power button, it generally is one lousy drop of fluid that hit that button. They are very sensitive to liquids on them. Nothing happening is not the same as not booting, and if you get no reaction at all, it is an issue with the power button. No boot disk can help you then, and the upper unit needs to be replaced.

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