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Repair guides for cameras of the now-discontinued Minolta line.

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Dimage f100 digital camera battery chamber door catch is broken

The catch of the battery chamber door is broken off and doesn't stay closed. I am currently using duct tape to keep it closed, but it doesn't always hold. Is there some way to repair this? or get a replacement part?

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It was a gift.


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Olivia Crandall, I would definitely replace it. The duct tape trick will eventually fail as well. Anyhow, to get to the pin that holds the door, you will have to partially disassemble your camera. The attached explosion drawing should show you how the part interrelate, as for getting new hardware, the only cover I found is on here but it is only the plastic door. you may have to scour ebay. etc.

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where can i get or buy a camer door for f100

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