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Replaced entire screen but I got white screen.

So the other day I dropped my phone on a little bit of water and the screen went black and the vibrator wouldn't stop. So I opened it and disconnected everything let it dry for a couple of hours and put it all together brilliant it worked for about a week when my home button and wifi weren't working so I decided to open it and see if I disconnected something on accident. I blew the dust off and screwed everything together again but I guess something broke and my sreen only showed the colors in like the apple logo were grey and white lines in the middle of the screen up and down. I got really worried so figured I broke the screen, I bought a fully built screen in amazon and decided to repair it my self since I'm out of warranty. I then put it all together but when I turned it on nothing showed it was all black then I heard a little vibration so I clicked the home button and baam it was just pure white. I restored it on itunes and nothing still had that white screen. Please help I'm running short on money and would really like to have my iphone back for christmas.

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It's possible you may have pinched a cable or have a plug not correctly placed by the sounds of it. That is if you bought from a reliable source. I would reset all te plugs on the upper connections of the phone. Might be worth sitting the phone in rice for a day or two before in case there is still some water.

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Well the guy from amazon offered take it back and replace it for a new one but that would take a 2-3 weeks and then another 2 weeks for sending the new one. Anyways um I doubt there is still water in it it's been almost a month since that happen. So what you mean reset all the plugs? thank you btw


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Kevin you should do a hard reset first, I have seen that fix white screen syndrome a lot, also I will never buy any phone parts off Amazon ever again, only 25 percent of the screens I have bought on there were any good, so if the hard reset doesn't work get another screen but not off Amazon, good luck,

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