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Small rectangular rubber piece under upper antena

When I took the grounding clip out a tiny rectangular rubber piece with a diver through the centre like it should sit on the edge of something to protect it came out and I can't see in any guide where this goes. I have 3G and signal issues after this and I'm wondering does it act as a static prevention or something?

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Joe I'm relatively sure I know what that piece is but can you post a picture ? If its what I think then it has nothing to do with reception, the divot your speaking of lets it set on the end of your motherboard under your LCD and Digitizer cables where they bend around the end of the motherboard.

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Good point. Ill see if I can add a pic. Maybe my upper ant tens needs cleaning. It's fine in the city but at home it gets muted when trying to here someone and breaks up and 3G and wifi is coming and going. I get it back by.turning on and off cellular.


Also make sure your antenna is plugged in correctly, it can be a little tricky, good luck


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I found a picture of your mystery piece of rubber at least this is what I thought it would be,

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