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Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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Multiple optical drives/drive cables not working?

In short, I bought a $200 MBP from ebay that claimed to have water damage. The water damage was centralized only around AC power because the logic board screws I took were rusted. I took logic board out, cleaned with rubbing alcohol,added hard drive cable, hard drive, battery and RAM (OWC). Also changed top case and keyboard and keyboard backlight. Now the computer is working great, except the optical drive. Not really a big deal, but a little confusing as to why it isn't working. I have a couple optical drives from 2009 MBP so I have experimented with switching the " non working" ones and even changed the optical drive cables. No luck. I find it hard to believe that the optical drive suffered any damage, however I did open it and clean the laser, just in case. I have reset SMC/Pram. Is it possible this is a hardware issue because of the new HD/HD cable? Optical drive does not show up in System Report. The cable is seated perfectly. I've fixed about four of these computers and never had this problem.

I'm confused. I know these optical drives are very fragile and not very well made. Hopefully someone has an answer or this problem helps someone else. Thanks.

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Try running the AHT (Apple Hardware Test) 2 or 3x. It may detect the cause of your problem which might be on the logic board.

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