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The MacBook family was first introduced in May 2006 and replaced the iBook as Apple's consumer laptop.

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'A' key cover fell off

For as long as I've had my MacBook (about a year and a half), I've had issues with the key covers popping off the 'A' and '?/' keys. Usually, I've been able to snap them back on (sometimes it takes repeated tapping).

Now the 'A' key cover has fallen off again, and no manner of tapping has gotten it back on. Taking a closer look at it, part of the clear plastic that supports the key cover has snapped off.

Is it possible to replace just one key cover?

ETA: Well, I came up with an answer myself while typing the question. ;-) And then tried it. Have now successfully switched the plastic bits under the 'A' key for those under the '\|' key. Of course, this now means the latter key is broken, but I use it so infrequently, it makes no never you mind. Whereas having a broken 'A' has been a major inconvenience.

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There are people on eBay who sell single keys for a few dollars, and probably the plastic pieces under the keys as well if you ask them nicely. It's definitely worth sending them a picture of the plastic parts under the key though, because for some reason Apple seems to use lots of varying styles depending on what computer you happen to get. I don't know why they are constantly changing's not as if one type of plastic springy component produces a better feel, etc.

I deal mostly with iBooks, and there are three different types of under-key components, which makes piecing together good keyboards more difficult than it could be.

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Thanks for the input. :-) I'll keep that in mind.


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If you take it to a genius bar they'll do the replacement for free.

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I had the same problem a couple of months back and I didn’t want to spend $85 for a whole new keyboard so I searched on ebay and found out this company "". They have great customer service and saved me a whole lot of money. I would recommend this to you strongly. Check them out!!!! They also have video installation guides for helping us fixing our keyboard keys. videos are simple and understandable. Have a look!

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