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MacBook Pro models with 13" displays

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6000RPM Fan - Exhaust fan sensor?

Hi Guys,

I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with this one..

I was recently given a macbook pro i5 from a friend, who killed it by spilling water on it. So using my background in IT, I took the whole thing apart and thoroughly cleaned it using acetone - and got the computer back up and running. Everything works perfectly, however iStat tells me that the exhaust sensor is not working and this is causing the fan to run at a constant 6000rpm.

I've put new thermal paste in, checked every part of the logic board for corrosion and still cant work out why its doing this. I have also run the machine in bare bones mode (removed the cd drive, RAM, superdrive etc) and the fan still runs at 6000rpm.

I've reset PRAM, SMC and nothing seems to work. Has anyone got any suggestions? I'd really like to get this machine working properly!

Update: Does any one know where the exhaust fan sensor is on a MBP 2011 i5?

Thanks everyone!

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Please give us the last three figures of your serial number so we know exactly which machine you have. Thanks


Mayer, Its a MBP late 2011. Late three figures are: V13

Does that help you out? Do you know where the sensor is? Thanks!


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SMC Fan drive should help. You can change your exhaust to something around 4000 Download :

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Thanks Katie, but for some reason the sensor is not recognised and neither iStat and SMC will allow me to change the fan speed.

I think the water damage must of ruined the sensor.. Because even in barebones mode, (no RAM, HDD, ODD etc) the fan just goes at a continuous 6000RPM.

Maybe someone else has an idea?


Sorry to hear that. As a last resort I would recommend making those spring loaded screws on the heatsink are in well. Also maybe take off screen, the exhaust mechanisms are there.. you can see them if you pull the screen back far enough. I think that is what you mean by "exhaust sensor", maybe not. If the clutch on the screen it too close it would definitely block the exhaust. I recently took apart and reassembled a water damaged MBP 13 inch mid 2009 and know that those fans can get very dusty inside. Maybe try to clean that also. Sorry,these are just suggestions that have worked for me. Hopefully, something will help. good luck.


how did u fix it ?

i have the same issue now. splitting water on my mac.. everything works fine. but the exhaust is quite high RPM, and also everything gone slow..


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