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Is there a way to Test Screens?

I have been fixing iphones for a while now, and every one and a while i stumble across a broken screen. It is a big pain to take apart the device every time there is a faulty screen. What is the best way to test the screens without having to take the phone apart?

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Yes, but there a bit expensive and not worth it unless your a repair shop and doing repairs on the daily.

Link here

I found one above at the link but im guessing there in that price range

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Do these actually work? Because a lot of the time I tend to test screens when performing the repair and they are fine but then develop an erratic touch issue the next day. How can I prevent this from reoccurring?


that looks like a screen defect. might want to check with your vender


They do kind of work. I own the multi phone model and still have to revert back to testing "bad" displays on actual phones to make sure they are bad.


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I use an old iphone with a bad esn. I removed the logic board and taped it down to a piece of cardboard and attached a dock connector to it. When you plug in the charger the screen will light up.I can easily plug in each lcd before install to verify they are good.

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Austin this is what i use in my shop, https://www.gounlock.com/details.php?ite... I have an I 4 for my personal phone so I just remove the back and the wifi plate with my phone powered on, unplug the LCD Digitizer, plug in this jumper to my board and then to the new screen to test it, it works great and is less than $ 9.00 !

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like he said before in his description he does not want to take apart his phone to test.


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