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I can not restore an iPod Touch locked with a passcode

Let me first start out by saying that we work on iPods every day so I am surprised that I can not resolve this issue...

I have an iPod Touch 4th Gen unit. It came to us locked with a passcode. I can not restore it with iTunes as it says it is locked with a passcode. I have tried every which way to put it into DFU mode but I keep getting the iTunes pop-up stating that it is locked.

I need some help to know how to simply restore this as it is like it has a kryptonite password. I can not even get it recognized by my Windows system when I plug it in.

Again, I have tried all of the power/home button remedies to put it into DFU mode and none of them work.

Do I have any options?



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To be honest if DFU mode does not work then there is something deeper going on. DFU mode means nothing on the phone is loaded. The phone can connect to iTunes but the OS and boot loader are not loaded. If you are sure that the phone is in DFU mode and you can not restore just take it to Apple. I have never heard of an iPod, iPhone, or iPad that could not be restored.

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