Are there any general, helpful guides for reflowing a television?

I have a HDTV (Sharp, from a few years ago, model number forthcoming if needed) which has begun to give an abstract light show for several minutes after being turned on.

After several minutes and possibly a whack, the TV works reliably. My gut instinct is that this is the type of issue that could be solved by reflowing the television, but I'm worried that I might do more damage than good.

Are there any guides - general or specific - for reflowing an HDTV? Any special concerns with using heat near LCD screens?

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Not really sure which board you are thinking about reflowing ;-). "After several minutes and possibly a whack, the TV works reliably." sounds more like a Caps issue. Possible that it would fix that, most likely not since It does sound more like a failed or failing component. It will help if you do tell us which model TV you have. I am currently working on two Sony projection TV's and those do have a known problem with failed solder joints. So, it depends....;-)


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