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turns on every 1 in 30 attempts. LED LIghts up No Display

Here is the behavior:

The front lid LED lights up, power button makes the "buzz" sound but display does not show anything.

turns on every 1 in 30 attempts

any ideas?

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Insert the system installation disk. Try starting up holding the "C" key down. If it starts up, I would attach an external drive and save your data ASAP. Go to the second screen on the installation disk and go to Utilities - Disk Utility and see if you can repair your drive. If this fails try starting up in Target mode by attaching to another Mac via a firewire cable and start up the MacBook by holding down the "T" key. Run Disk Utilities and see if you can repair the drive. Let us know your results and we can go from there.

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You should try hooking it up to an external monitor and see what shows up.

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MacBook Pro 15" 17" Models A1151 A1212 A1229 and A1261, are well know with GPU issues, turn on no display. internal or external. No water damage? Did you try different ram? no beeps ? original owner? , you can try to flux GPU on the logic board with heat gun, lots methods, some bake the logic board at 90 c. ect. Not permanent fix , I fixed my friend macbook pro 15" with clear flux 6 months ago still working.

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