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iPhone 4 lights up every 20sec by itself


I have an Iphone 4 and its waterdamaged. I have cleaned it several times and everything is working nice except for one thing.

When screen is locked it lights up every 20sec and stayson for 7sec then doing this loop until the battery is totally drained. There is no notification or anything that lights it and tha strange thing is it doesent lights up when connected to charger.

Its clearly something with the mainboard but i dont know where to look

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You did change the battery? How did you clean the phone?


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How did u clean ? Try to clean with patrol as well as try to change your battry if not working replace your lcd and let us know if problem is still


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I cleaned it gently with crc electrical cleaner and a soft tothbrush.

This cleaner i often used and i have succeeded many times using only method mentioned above. I also tried the mainboard in another iphone and it still goes on and of.


Ok i see make sure all jecks are good and working and stips are ok as well as all the scrows are on right place it happens when your phone is not pack exectly or jeck problem. If u feel ok in all these clean the paste to pawer and resold with heat gun and change the filter good luck


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