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Why is my screen non-responsive after replacing home button?

Hi everyone, I did search for a similar issue and I couldn't located one so I decided to make a thread.

My iPhone 4's battery wasn't holding much of a charge anymore and the home-button was becoming increasingly problematic so I decided to replace them both. I am comfortable disassembling and reassembling electronics (though I don't know how to solder anything presently) and I followed the iFixit guide explicitly.

I did not run into any issues (though I did find a pre-stripped #000 screw on the top right corner of the phone) and I took extra care to make sure nothing got damaged during the re-assembly.

After putting everything back together I plugged my iPhone into my charger and let it boot up. This boot took much longer than normal (about 2.5 mins on the Apple logo) but I figured it was just assessing the new components internally or something.

Once it had completely booted I immediately ran into a major issue. The LCD was completely non-responsive to touch. It displays fine, and the home button is clearly working perfectly now but there is zero touch sensitivity.

I don't know what I did wrong as all of the cables are attached properly but I'm really stumped over this one and really hoping I didn't just kill my phone.

Do you have any suggestions? I'm presently restoring the phone now and I'm going to set it up as a new phone to see if that helps for some reason, but otherwise I figured my only other choice is to take it in to the Apple Store.

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May be u did mistake in putting back check out u surly went ok while assambly your phone i thing jeck is not properly fitted chech all lcd and touch jecks


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Yes, check your work very carefully, especially the Digitizer Flex Cable, it is the thin wobbly screen cable, make sure it is perfectly in place. I would just flip it up and reattach it perfectly. This Flex cable can be crushed in a botched screen placement, if this is the case, you will need a replacement front screen assembly.


I have the phone apart again and presently in front of me. I'm looking at the cable for the digitizer and the LCD and to my eyes they look ok, but Im guessing that is the root cause.

That's a bummer... I had to go and ruin the most costly part of the phone. Figures, haha!


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