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Released in April 2011, the D5100 replaces the D5000 as one of Nikon's popular consumer DSLR cameras. It features a replaceable Nikon F-mount lens.

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Why won't my Nikon D5100 won't detect my sd card?

I just bought an Nikon D5100 and I tried using an SD card I had from an older camera. The card is a Lexar Professional 4GB 133x card (class 6). However the camera keeps saying that "No SD card detected". I tried reformatting it from my computer (which detects it just fine) in both FAT and FAT 32, but still nothing. I can't format it from the camera as it says that "This option is not available at current setting or in the camera's current state". I read that updating the firmware might solve this sort of issue, but my firmware is already marked as being A 1.01, B 1.01, L 1.006. The firmware that's supposed to fix this sort of issues is also 1.01. Can it be newer than the one installed even if it's the same version. I couldn't try to install it anyway without a SD card that can be detected by the camera. Any ways to make my current card work?

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Andrei Fierbinteanu, try a different card. I believe that the D5100 only supports SD cards up to 2GB.

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That's what I ended up doing. It does support bigger cards than that though, I have a 16GB one in it now. Will try to flash the firmware using it and see if the other one becomes usable as well.


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Maybe you should have a look at your "undetectable" ("furtive"?) SD card.

One of mine "lost" a very small L-shaped piece of plastic, in the upper-right corner when you face the connector contacts upwards. The small "write protect" tab did not fall yet, but my 2 DSCs pretend there is no SD card when I slide in this one... I'll try to glue the missing part with cyanoacrylic glue... as soon as i find the missing piece (should be in my "batteries, loaders, cards

and cables" box, I hope ;-)

These card are very very delicate, many of them spill pieces or break open, even if you try to handle them kindly...

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I have a Nikon D70 that came to me cheap because it wouldn't recognize the compact flash memory card, I fixed this by spraying a little electronic switch cleaner into the card bay and into the card socket, now works every time.

So far my D5100 hasn't had any problems but if it does it will get the same treatment.

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