How can I keep data on a disabled 2nd Gen iPod Touch?

My 2nd Generation iPod Touch was just found after years of being packed away.

It is disabled and I've read posts about how to unlock it but it requires a reset.

Is this the only way I can open my iPod? I have pictures from when I was in the Middle East and I want to open and save everything if I can.

Any apps or hacks?

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Nicholas Hayden , here is a copy of my answer to a very similar question "

Connect the iPod to your PC using the supplied USB cord.

Open iTunes if it did not open automatically.

Click the Options button in the lower right corner of the iTunes window.

Click Enable USB Disk Use.

Go to My Computer and select your iPod.

Select Tools and click on the folder option.

Select the View tab

Select Show hidden files and folders.

Search for the "Ipod_Control" folder aka Settings

Look in a folder that is sometimes called "Device" and find a file named "_locked".

Change the file name "_locked" to "_unlocked".

Your iPod should now function properly. Also, make sure you disable iTunes from auto syncing. The other thing, you might look at this and try it. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Will ur pictures delete in it?


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My iPod is disabled and I need to connect it to iTunes

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Hello nicholas hayden i also forgot my passcode in a moment .and i have ipod 5 and i selected the hard passcode which is with letters in apple .now it says connect to itunes.i know how to restore it but is there a way for saving my pictures i have a stack of them with my frnds.plz tell me i will be very gracefull

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You have to jail break it before doing anything against apple policies

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