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bezels still out of stock

I've been waiting months for you guys to get a bezel in stock so i can purchase it. I have even set it up so i'll recieve an email when you guys do, yet i havent recieved anything within these months.

I do appreciate your business but the lack of stock makes me want to try your competitors instead.

Would love to hear an actual response. Hopefully one with the words 'theyre in stock', rather than the typical run around, that you guys cannot fullfil everyone's orders.

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Hi, I think this is what you are looking for. Ralph

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Unfortunately we don't have a good source for this part and don't expect to be able to get many of this part in the near future. We'll certainly be looking for other sources, but right now the only way we're able to get this part is by taking apart complete display assemblies.

Since I don't think we'll have many of these soon, If you're able to find this part somewhere else I'd get it there.

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