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Second generation of the Toyota 4Runner.

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were is my starter located at?

trying to find my starter on my 1990 Toyota 4Runner so i can tap it with a stick to get it running to drive it to point A-B

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Ruben, it is located under the exhaust manifold. The starter on this is a real beast. There is one 11 mm bolt that comes in from the back of the bell housing at the transmission side. Then there is one 14 mm bolt that you can get to with a 3 foot extension going in from on top of the front differential along the engine oil pan and block. On an automatic it is easier to remove the bracket and bolt that holds the dipstick tube and the transmission cooler lines. Then remove a small panel on the inner fender. Unbolt the starter and the electrical connectors, and maneuver the starter up through the access panel hole in the right inner fender. small arms and dexterity are a requirement. It is a tight fit, make sure you do not break any lines when removing the starter. Calculate a good 3 hrs to remove it. If you are interested in repairing your starter, here is a great site that explains what to look for. For the 3.0 V6, you will find the instructions here. Also, do not forget to check on the starter relay to ensure it is not the culprit. Hope this helps, good luck.

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