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Sony PlayStation accessory repair and support, mainly for controllers.

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My L3 button is not clicking any ideas how to fix

My L3 button is not clicking like the R3 button (the joysticks) it does click but i have to franticly wiggle it for it to actually do so. Any way to fix this or even improve its performance?

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If your controller is not responsive I have found several reasons while working on these.

Sounds like your controller has been heavily used in the l3 department. The left joystick is but with a button around the axis. Under the joystick is a thin piece of metal that bends and acts like a spring over time this gathers gunk and dust and becomes sticky or the material becomes flattened from over use. Disassemble the controller and use alcohol to clean the contacts and check for a proper bend in the plate. Reassemble the controller making sure the mold fits tightly and all springs are attached

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