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Model A1200 with 2.16 or 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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How to reconnect accidentally torn hard-drive thermal sensor wires?

Following the guide here for replacing the hard drive, I had to detach a cable connector from the hard-drive thermal sensor. Trying to pry out the "connector" I torn 3 of the 4 wires.

I tried many work-arounds, such as

1. reconnecting the wires (I got the wire-ordering wrong, and the sensor reported -128 celsius…)

2. Remove the whole thermal-sensor cable, and rely on software (HDD Fan Control) to use the internal thermal sensor on the new hard-drive, via S.M.A.R.T reporting) but the software is not fully compatible with my iMac, and the mac stops cooling its PowerSupply (same fan as the hard-drive).

3. tried setting a lower limit for the fan to be "safe" using smcFanControl software, but that's way too noisy.

Last --- I MUST fix the original thermal sensor and re-attach it to the new hard-drive.

My problem is the ORDER of wires, with respect to the other side of the cable (connected on the motherboard).

Any electronics expert, or someone who could just open up his (similar) machine and report the right order to reconnect the wires?

I have no problem ironing the wires back --- I just need to know the right order.

Does anyone have a high-resolution of the hard-drive thermal sensor? Can anyone send in the order of wires (relative to their order on the connector on the other side of the cable) ??

The sensor is OK, and the cable is OK. only the wires close to the thermal-sensor itself are torn out.

Any info would be of great help. Thanks!

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Hi i had this problem also lately, what i did is to download a fan monitoring system or fan controller, so you can adjust and monitor the fan speed and temperature, so i guess this is the cheapest techic, free i guess, and it have been working fine with no overheating, hope that helps cheers!!

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Hi, and thanks. I already used 4 software packages for monitoring the sensors, for controlling the fans in and for binding the fan with the internal HDD sensor. All these are temporary workarounds, not providing long-term solution.

It seems a single fan is used for cooling both the hard-drive and the power-supply, so control over this fan MUST take account for at least two sensors (HDD and PowerSupply). No software does it right.

Setting the specific fan to a "safe minimum" rate, say 2500rpm is way too noisy, but slower setting allows my Power-supply to reach over 70º which is intolerable. I need to fix my hardware as no software provides the desired solution.

I'd like to know which software packages you were using. Did I skip something important?

Also, If you have the same iMac, (Late 2006, Intel 2.16GHz, EMC 2111 iMac6,1) you could easily solve my problem by taking a close photograph of the sensor plus its cable, so I can reconstruct the wire-order using that.

Thanks again!



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