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The current line of iPod nanos comprises seven different generations.

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Why wont the computer read my iPod nano?

every time when i connect the usb cable to the computer it wont read my iPod. i cant insert music nor take out music.

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Are you bringing up iTunes after you attach the iPod or is it comming up on it's own after you attach the iPod?


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The order of pluggig the iPod in should have no effect. Have you tried using another USB port if available and/or onother cable? Do you use 3rd party cable?

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Does the iPod show that it is charging when you plug it in? I would suggest verifying the dock connector on the iPod is intact (i.e. not broken, bent, etc.), if the iPod doesn't show any indication that the iPod is charging. Otherwise, Timpetou's answer is also what I would try.

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