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How to use JVC Everio GZ-HD6 as a backup disk for computer?

I have a JVC Everio GZ-HD 6 and want to use its 120GB built-in hard drive to back up my iTunes Library folder. But I also want to continue to use the camcorder unaffected. The hard drive is read-only and is MS-DOS formatted.

How do I make the drive writable, and use it as a drive, whilst still being able to use the camera for it's intended purpose?

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I agree, this is a very useful question- however, as more and more camcorders nowadays use SD cards, this specifically becomes irrelevant. But it's nice to have a camcorder with a second use. No need to carry around a camcorder and external HD when traveling.


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This may work:

1) Clone the drive to back it up

2) format

3) partition

Hopefully this will work for you. I'm assuming you know how to do all of these steps.

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Thanks very much! Can you do all these steps in Disk Utility? If so, yes I can


Cloning I guess you can but most people like super duper (and carbon copy cloner is good i hear). Most disk repair softwares have such functionality. Formatting and partitioning can easily be done in DU.


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You would have to format the drive from your mac with a partition. But I don't know for sure that the camcorder would work without it having to format the drive again and possibly removing the partition.

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Yeah, I can pretty much do nothing to the drive in it's current read-only state. I'm worried about formatting it because it's OS might be stored on the hard drive


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