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How does the grounding clip sit

I have problems with wifi 3G switching and coming and going and it also effects the phone signal when talking they can here me but they are breaking up like the signal is switching masts as wifi and 3G comes and goes. I thin I don't have the golden folded over grounding clip in the right place but can't find an exact picture of it. Iphone4parts has the wifi tab being removed and you see the clip popping out but still not sure where it should sit. Help would be great thanks.

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Thanks for that but I looked at that bit which is grand it's just a metal clip came out under that and that's the bit I am not sure where it sits. Even on videos you see the clip pop out when you remove this grounding cover but none show how it sits back in


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Here are two photos from iFixit Guides showing exact placement of the clip.

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See my added response above thanks


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