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Model No. A1366 / 8 or 16 GB capacity

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The touch screen is unresponsive

i think the problem is sometimes it gets wet on my bag.. but its not too much..

i dont usually turn it off. i just used the sleep/wake button..

well, before, its touch screen becomes unresponsive already and all i have to do is press the sleep/wake button and suddenly its ok.. but the last time i put it out of my bag . the touch screen now is unresponsive ..

i have tried the reset.. and unluckily, refreshing on the itunes didnt work on my desktop, .. i tried to diagnose it and the error is 0xFFFFFFFF - i dont know what it means.. right now im trying the rice thing but its been a week.. it still stuck. :(

i hope.. repair would help.. or little cleaning ? does it need change parts?


yes its ipod 6th gen.. hmmm i assume the water damage .. sometimes my tissue wipes spills on my bag.. although i have the ipod on a pouch..

regarding the diagnosis.. i just press the sleep/wake button, volume up and down together , i just read the instruction on some forums over the internet..

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Where does the error show up? How did you try to diagnose it? Do you have water damage or are you just assuming you do?


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You will have to repair the whole thing, not knowing without opening it up, and you would need to check resistances, voltages, etc. The easiest way is to find a repair place. Then get a warranty(will save you lots in the long run). And which ipod is it? If it is the nano 6th gen, go here:

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