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O Galaxy S 4G da Samsung é um smartphone operado com Android 2.2 que possui tela tátil AMOLED de 4 polegadas e processador de 1 GHz.

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Why is my phone not charging?

when I connect the charger to my phone it does not charge, but if I bend it back and forward, it is really rare it will charge.

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Angela Molina, if the "bend it back and forward" shows some results, it does sound like a bad charging port. Start off by using a new cable and see if that makes a difference. It is possible that the plug on the cable end is worn out. If it does not, you may have to replace the charging port. Take a look at the teardown and see if that is something you are comfortable with. You will have to solder a new connector to the board. The port is available at places like this. Hope this helps, good luck

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