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In 2012, Sony Entertainment announced that the company would be releasing a new version of its 2006 Playstation 3 console. The new console is call the Playstation 3 Super Slim and is identified by the model number, CECH-4000. The PlayStation 3 Super Slim (CECH400x) is the third version of the PS3 video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released October 25, 2012.

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Will ifixit do a teardown of the system?

So with the release of the new PS3 Super Slims, available in 250GB and 500GB HDD configurations for Japan and US markets, there was one particular detail made about the European release of the new slim model.

The European market will receive a PS3 super slim model with a built in, and maybe a bit small, 12GB flash memory version.

What I am wondering is if the new PS3 line will have newer SATA integration for the swappable HDDs. Currently, you can install an SSD into a PS3 and improve its saving/loading/install times. Sometimes drastically depending on the game (Gran Turismo 5). BUT because of the PS3's old technology utilized in the aging system, I remember reading somewhere that the SATA interface is somewhere between SATA1 and SATA2 speeds. Meaning the PS3 isn't able to FULLY take advantage of modern day SSDs, but still be able to use some of the SSD's speed compared to the standard 5400rpm laptop HDDs currently used.

If the new PS3 line is able to utilize the full speeds of an SSD, it would improve the overall experience when gaming. Games like GT5 and Skyrim have amazing benefits from SSD loading on the current PS3's, even with its limited speed.

Maybe I'm taking this completely out of line, and the "flash" memory is literally a chip that's built in to the motherboard of the new PS3, and has nothing to do with the PS3's SATA controller. BUT I am hopeful that the new models may have upgraded to newer SATA3 connections for the internal HDD.

Also, someone made a quick reply to the same questions above, in that they noticed games loaded faster too, not just from the HDD, but also the bluray laser. Could the new model's bluray laser have been upgraded from the measly, and very slow 2x speed of the original models?

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I would hope that iFix it do a tear-down. I'm keen to see the insides of this revision.

Also. The 12GB version of the console is actually internal Flash Storage that cannot be removed, a Hard Drive can be added after purchasing a Official PlayStation® mounting cradle and HDD pack that will be later released. This is similar to the PSPgo where it in included 16GB of Flash Storage while still allowing you to purchase an M2 Card to add up to an extra 32GB of storage to the device.

I'm still not sure if it's SATA1/2 or if they've done an upgrade to SATA3.


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As they say on the internet, I'll just leave this here…

PlayStation 3 Super Slim Teardown

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