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Beer dumped in, now working on PS but not battery

The MacBook Air drank down a beer very quickly and although it ran out the bottom, the unit froze up.

It appeared to no longer work but after some time to dry out, I put the power adapter on and to my amazement, the Air booted and seems to be fine - almost.

The battery seems to be done.. It indicates 0% charged and using some of the onboard diag software, there seems to be normal voltage in the battery but no current - I am not sure just how this software is coming up with this info.

I am wondering if there are any fuses of sorts (maybe links or SMT fuses) which might have blown thus causing the otherwise good battery to provide no power to the board.

If anyone knows the schematic and can comment, that would be very much appreciated.

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Yes there's circuitry in the battery that can short out. Read all about liquids and beer spill advice on this site, proceed accordingly... time is your enemy corrosion worsens over time... beer contains yeast an mold/fungus will grow in it like a lab culture.

Good Luck.

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