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I can not swipe my iPod to unkock it?

My ipod will turn on but when i go to swipe my finger accros it to unlock it it does not do it.

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how to swipe the ipod nano7th


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kendra, your screen incorporates a digitizer, there are circuits in there that "sense" your touch. Those are not visible with the naked eye. If your touch screen (digitizer) does not work, it is most often caused by a broken circuit within the digitizer. So, even if your glass is not cracked, it is still most likely that the digitizer has failed. Replace the front assembly to resolve this problem. Use these guides to work on your iPod.

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Can be cause by cracked screens but I am guessing this is not in your case, Digitizer is not responding to your input because it maybe damaged, Note the digitizer is fused to the LCD if im not mistaken.

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but my screen is not cracked


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