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Second generation of the Ford Focus.

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How to change rear shocks

how do I change the rear shocks

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It's actually a pretty straightforward procedure. Here's what you gotta do:

1. Tear away the trunk or hatch sidewall carpeting and expose the top shock mount brackets.

2. Use a pair of pliers to hold the piston while removing the nut.

3. Using an impact wrench is most effective, but the lower shock bolt can possibly be removed with an 18mm box end on one side and 15mm socket and breaker bar on the other.

4. Remove the shock and stop, install new shock and stop and reattach the bolts. Attach the lower bolt loosely; final tightening must be done while the vehicle is on the ground.

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On my 2003 wagon the top of the shock is buried up inside above the suspension. There is NO access to the bolts via inside the back of the wagon. HOW do you get at the top of the shock and unbolt it?


The same for 2005 Focus wagon, the upper bolt/nut is unreachable please advice how to remove the top nut.


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