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The PlayStation Vita is the successor to the PSP. It contains a beefed up processor and graphics, and includes the addition of a second analog stick. It was released February 15, 2012.

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PS Vita got wet, no work.

My PS Vita got wet and no longer works. What part can I replace to fix? Is it the entire motherboard or maybe something else, please? Thanks!

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Don't jump ahead as buying parts without looking at what parts you need first and if any need replacing at all. Follow the step-by-step Guide.

get a high % of the alcohol the higher the better and a soft brush and scrub the board's clean of any corrosion.

Word of advice - Take your time and go slow.

After that is done, reassemble and try to turn it on.

Hope this helps.

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My ps vita also got wet,few seconds the back side and screen were so hot and then it just power off it got a look what parts got major damage and replace with new ones lol...hope that help's you.

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