Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Considering upgrade early 2008 black MacBook HDD for solid state

I would Like to know if I can run a solid state drive and am looking for good suggestion on drives any where from 250-500GB. I will also be looking into increasing memory for the machine as well. Model A1181 2.4 ghz (right now). Any other suggestions as to hardware upgrades are welcome. Don't really want to buy a new computer when these ones still doit it all just fine.

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The best bang for your buck on an upgrade is to max out the RAM for you that would be 4GB in 2-2GB chips. A new battery might be in order if you still have the original. If you want fast startup go for the SSD... but if you want to stretch a buck an HDD will work fine. It all depends on your use and storage needs... as long as you can leave 20% free space for VMEM you'll do fine.

I agree, like getting 200K miles on a car if the machine still meets your needs there's no reason to get the latest version... in fact if upgrading is important you'll want to keep to a 2011 laptop.

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From what I've read SSD will use less power and run quieter since the fan shouldn't need to be on as much. And the no moving parts thing is a bonus since nothing wears out. I believe that I need a 2.5" drive that has a SATA?


Yes and if you can get a cheaper SATA I or SATA II do so because it won't support SATA III (it would have to run in backward compatible mode... some have had problems with that).


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Honestly here is my answer to this. Yes upgrading the ram as machead3 suggested would be the first and cheapest thing and honestly with that model upgrading the ram is super easy to do and doesn't require special tools.

To the SSD- yes this would be beneficial but would you really need it if you do alot of programs or just need the overall speed of reads and writes SSD literally blow the doors off of any hard disk that was out in the time your macbook came out. i recommend the Samsung 830 series as it has low power consumption and at 256GB with for only 200 since you could use the adapter cable they include in the box i would go for the 20 dollar extra pack that way you have this but you cannot use Norton ghost as it is for windows only

things you will need:

a SSD of your choosing ( imho Samsung or ocz vertex maybe 3 since you have an older system without sata 3 )

a small Philips head screwdriver and a good finger to pry with the install is cake on this macbook.

along with this i recommend using superduper to clone your hard drive its easy to do with the laptop install kit they give you an adapter to clone over USB.

if you have any questions let me know!!

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Late response, but might be useful for other readers: MacBook Early 2008 can get up to 6GB RAM (4+2). If you have already 4GB, just keep one of your two 2GB and buy a 4GB. Otherwise, look for the 4+2 kit from Crucial.

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I have a Black Macbook 2,4 ghz 6 gb ram ( 2x4x) and a ssd 256gb Crucial MX100.

Plus I hade change the optical unit for a Pata-Ata opty bay where i keep a second ssd ,in my case a Kingston ssdnow 300v 240gb.

My Macbook is an early 2008 and it runs like a speed bullet train, even though its a 7 years old macbook (vintage), Im still using Snow Leopard 10.6.8 I dont feel like upgrading to ML cuz I dont know how my Mac will perform with it.

BTW I used the Ifixt step-guide for all the pimping, it´s a great help,without it I had not been able to do it by my self.

You also have to do some tweaks in your Mac (noatime,hybernation etc...)

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