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2, 2.26, 2.53, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Where and how to attach heat sensor wire

I removed heat sensor wire, not the easy one but the one up front. Now I can't find out where it attaches or how to do so. This is on the hard drive end that plugs in.

I hope I'm making sense, but just in case not. This end of the wire is on the end of the hard drive that slips into the slots, the brass connectors. Found out that heat snesor on late 2009 model put heat sensor wire in different place from other models.

Hope you can help.



late 2009 mac mini

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Mayer, bless your heart as my mother would say, You have relieved me of great anxiety. This is my first venture into iFixit. I don't understand scoring but I wish I could give you 100 points. Thanks a lot. Charles


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Look at step 14 and 15 of the teardown to see if you can spot the placement: Mac mini Model A1283 Hard Drive Replacement

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Thanks Mayer. I hadn't realized those pictures could be blown up so large. I know about where it goes now, but the next question is how to attach it. The fitting doesn't stick. Does it snap in place or am I going to have to affix it in some other way.

Thanks a lot for your answer. it was a great help and I am feeling a little desperate after a day of trying to solve ther problem.


It can be attached with a small piece of electrical tape.


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