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Model M8413 or A1007 / 600, 700, 800, or 900 MHz G3 processor

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Display is Dark like no Power

The iBook has no Display not even faint with flash light held to it. Connected it to an external monitor still nothing the external monitor shows "NO SINGNAL" you can hear it boot up and when you push the power and push return it powers down you just can’t see a dam thing….WTF

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iBook 12” Model #A1005 800MHz/128MB/30GB/Combo.


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Sounds like the GPU has gone belly up. No fix but to replace the motherboard that I know of. I can direct you to the correct motherboard given the exact machine specifications.

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Dam I was hoping it would be something easy like slapping it, Haha. Any way it is a Apple iBook 12” Model #A1005 800MHz/128MB/30GB/Combo.

So if I have to replace the Logic board can I up grade it to the next board 900MHz?

The iBook video is part of the Logic board?

Where can I get the best deal for replacement board?


I didn't see a logic board on the parts list. But inventory is constantly changing and they may have one and just not put it up yet. You can contact them here.

As far as an upgraded board the person you need to talk to is Ben Eiseman, best parts man I know and he should be around in the morning.


The GPU is part of the Logic board isn't it???

I found some Logic boards on the net but how do know the correct part number for my iBook's logic board?


The GPU is part of the logic board. Wait for Ben.


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