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Seems to me one of the ram modules may be bad or may not like being mismatched.

Most important things to note when installing ram:

1) NEVER touch the pins on the chip with your fingers, always hold the modules by the sides of the wafer.

2) ALWAYS be wary of ESD, make sure you are grounded or at least not wearing socks on the carpet when opening your computer and accessing ram.

3) It's not necessary, but most ram problems come from mismatching chips. Most ram today is sold in dual channel, 2 module packages (6 gb max ram usually forgoes this), but Macs seem to prefer matched module sizes. That said, I've installed a 4gb module with a 2 gb module in a computer one generation older than the one you listed and had no trouble at all.

Re-seating the ram is merely popping the modules out of the socket, perhaps blowing out the socket with a can of compressed air, then re-installing them carefully and evenly, being sure they are flat, flush, and fully inserted into the socket. Perhaps try running the 4gb module by itself and see if the problem persists. It may be that one of the original modules was damaged during your installation and could be causing the problem as well.

Good luck and let us know what you find.