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I had the same problems with my display; changed inverters and installed a brand new LCD.  Display was also still visible on an external monitor...

I ended up stripping the logicboard of the heatsink+fan, wifi card and battery pack before placing it in my dishwasher (by itself, with NO detergent) at 70 degrees for the full cycle.

This process steam-cleaned the logicboard for me (kinda like they when manufacture the logicboards). I left it overnight to dry; used a hair drier the following day to make doubly sure the logicboard was fully dried.

I refitted the battery pack, fan+heatsink, wifi card and all loose cables.

I then used IsopropoI Alcohol to clean any remaining thermal paste off the heatsink and processors before using nano-diamond thermal paste (PC World) to stick the heatsinks and processors together again (as they were originally).

Having put the case back together and powered up, I now write this to you from a fully functioning Mid 2007 Macbook complete with working screen.

This process even managed to fix my trackpad button and Superdrive, both of which had stopped working over a year ago!!!

Hope this helps...