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Mensagem original de: Earl Rutherford ,


I have a macbook pro 15" for approximately two years old without a single startup issue and very few crashes. After a recent upgrade to Lion I have been having intermittent problems with the spinning colored wheel at start up or startup taking forever and frequent full system crashes. Only way to fix these is holding down the power off button and restarting. I have lost count how many times I have had to do this.

As I had upgraded from leopard I suspected it was due to legacy system settings or simply overloaded with startup items. After backing up all my data, I used the Lion recovery procedures (hold down Command + R at startup) to erase the hard drive and reinstall lion over the internet. You would think this would fix the issue as the only software installed on the machine was a clean install of lion.

This improved the speed and reliabilty a great deal, however it didn't get rid of the spinning wheel issue.

Reading about other similar problems with Lion someone recomended repairing disk permissions using the Disk Utility app (incorrect records of software files installed). Surprising I had any permissions errors given I had erased the drive but there were many -  this did reduce the frequency of the startup problems.

The next suggestion was to clean up the system caches.  I used an app to do this but you can delete them directly (suggest you google how).

This appears to have fixed the issue. But has not been very long since I did this. Fingers crossed.