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I have a late 2009 27" iMac, i5 2.66 and I recently upgraded this computer to a SSD installation in place of the optical drive since the main board on this model did not have a third SATA port.  I used a 256 GB OWC SSD and I used their mounting device that mounts in where the optical drive was.  I placed the temperature sensor that was on the optical drive on the SSD.  I installed a 3 TB WD Green drive in the place of the original drive.  For temperature sensing I just purchased another optical drive temperature sensor and installed it on the new hard drive and connected it to the main board where the temperature sensor for the original drive was connected.  I have not had any fan speed issues at all with this set up like it is.  Everything is working perfect and then system is very fast.  I have pictures of the installations if anyone needs them.  Also before I started I made sure that the firmware was up to date on my iMac.  I purchased a external enclosure for the optical drive from Newegg and it just plugs in to the USB port when I need it.

Cheers and good luck.