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Well I need to get the grease and re apply it and

What do I do if it is just giving me the white buttons?


I had another Mac do this to me too

I dunno what to do at this point

Instead of putting the old processor back

Do you in fact know if there is a problem with switching out a single processor to a DUo processor type configuration

The OSX was expecting the setup from the last restart

But I pushed the button inside the thing

Unplugged and many 30sec pauses

Holding the button

Even waiting a few days

Not powering this thing up again until I heard from you and had the grease on the CPU or tried replacing the other CPU to see if that was the issue

I really need the dual processor to work

I didn't leave the unit on very long when I tested it

As soon as the kernel panic happens I shut down but then I get that white button upon trying to start up again

What next?

Do I need clean harddrive in there? No OSX

How do I get it to respond to CDRom install?

If I just get white button and then nothing ?