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I`m thinking of swaping my board too.

It´s a 3.06 GHz core 2 Duo and I would like to have a i7 2.8 .

first of all : Sure it makes sense ! the i7 is a quad core !! and the architecture is different.

For almost every pro application, this is a big step in performance and, in my case, much less latency.

My question is :

does that board FIT in my 17" unibody ( bought it 2010 ). ??

Do all of the periferic parts fit in ?? and are the connections the same ?

That would be great !!

900 $ is much cheaper than a new MacBook Pro i7 2.8..hihi..

Where do I get one ??

Probably at a service point

And.. I´m not scared in doing it myself.. as long, as I know, that everything fits in.. ;-))

Thanks for any answer