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Marice Ruane, there are a couple of things you can try. Of course the first thing you'll have to do is to take your Wii apart. Follow [guide|4491|this guide] to get there. Check for loose connections etc. If all the cables are properly connected, you could try a few things. One being that the fuses have failed. " If you have a drive which fails to spin the disc up or properly eject or "eat" discs, you may have one or two blown fuses on the drive PCB. [guide|4029|This guide] will show you how to test and replace those fuses!" Ultimately if anything else fails, you may just have to replace the drive, for that you can use [guide|5164|this guide.] Check those guides and see what you think. It is not impossible for you to do it, just follow the guides, read them a few times and try to familiarize yourself with it. Hope this helps, good luck.